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His Grace Charity Home

Protecting the Status of Human Life And dignity

The responsibility to protect the status of the human life and dignity lies on our shoulders

His grace Charity Home was founded in 2013 by Mr. Oboth Moses, who was later joined by other Tourists who had come for an adventure with a vision of protecting the human race through extending necessary assistance hence creating a hope for the future among the neglected young generation, refugees and the Aged people The foundation of His Grace Charity Home started with GoExpat safaris being a travel company when we visited Nakivale Refugee Camp in Uganda, this made us venture deep in to the community and interacting with the refugees hence Realizing that the responsibility to protect the status of the human life and dignity lies on our shoulders, there rose an idea of taking care of vulnerable children and women, young Generation, refugees and the Aged who need support.

His Grace Giving Hope To Refugees

We partner with His Grace Charity Home mainly to help, assist and care for the refugees living in Camps in urban and rural areas. GoExpat Safaris is working with the community to care for refugees by sending volunteers to work in the organization in Urban and rural areas in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and Tanzania. We provide Humanitarian aid with dignity to refugees In Nakivale Refugee Camp in Western Uganda. We provide food, Clothing, Construction of shelter and Skills empowerment after we empower the refugees with Capital which will enable them start up business to generate income to improve on their standards of living

Providing Safe Water Supply to Karamoja Region

Water is a human right. However, many millions of people can only dream of this right. In order to make it reality, His Grace Charity Home is actively promoting and providing access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities in many countries, including the Karamoja region in the East African country of Uganda. Small Towns in Karamoja: Clean Water and Toilets are Scarce Uganda’s urban population is growing, with some estimates projecting an overall increase of 34% by 2050.

Providing Education to Orphans And Vulnerable Children

Education is a core content of the children’s rights to survival and development. Despite this, one out of ten children in Uganda misses out on education. Many more drop out before completing as they can’t afford the hidden costs of education. His Grace Charity home provides school fees bursaries to HIV/AIDS affected orphans; most of whom live under the care of their grandmothers. In Uganda an additional category of war affected children is supported too. HGCH empowers OVC households ec

Construction And Rehabilitation Of Schools

Africa has suffered a lot in recent history. The Civil War that has lasted for years devastated the continent, and is has caused again significant civilian loss of life and serious damage to education infrastructure. As a result of this long political crisis in Africa, education has been interrupted and several schools in Africa have been destroyed. For sustainable and long-term development in the war-torn countries, the provision of education to the new generation is of key importance to ensure that gradually more Children are equipped with the right tools to play an active role in their country’s development.

Providing Support To The Aged

The less privileged elders need our love and care. Every day we provide nutritious food to destitute elder, who are neglected by their families. Due to poverty some families not able to feed these older persons. Among poor old age persons, some of them use to beg at neighbor houses, nearby locations to feed themselves. Our little contribution to the elderly make their world healthy and happy.
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